Gay Freres ”bamboo”/”bonklip”
Gay Freres ”bamboo”/”bonklip”
Gay Freres ”bamboo”/”bonklip”
Gay Freres ”bamboo”/”bonklip”
Gay Freres ”bamboo”/”bonklip”

Gay Freres ”bamboo”/”bonklip”

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The ”Gay Fréres” company started its journey back in 1835 by making exclusive links to pocketwatches, a rather lucrative business during the 1900s. The company also made different types of jewellery, all from necklaces to rings.

How then, did the company of Gay Fréres become one of the world’s most famous producers of watch bracelets? The answer is written: ROLEX. If we take a look at one of the most classical bracelets in the world; The Oysterlink. It is a bit ironic that this design had very little to do with Rolex in the beginning. During the early 1930Gay Fréres designed the links for Rolex. The similarity between the Oysterlink that Rolex patented in 1947 and the early Gay Fréres links is astounding – as you can se in the pictures. The most common bracelet that Gay Fréres made for Rolex is however “The Bonklip” also called “bamboo” – a bracelet that we are very happy to be able to put up for sale here on WOFS.


Object nr: 

Brand: Gay Fréres

Model: Bonklip

Size: 16mm


The bracelet is in very good condtion and is full size - very long!


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