WOFS Sales Mission


"Selling a vintage watch is making room for another one - WOFS can help you every step of the way!"


Sell your vintage watch via WOFS

Selling a vintage watch can both be time consuming, frustrating and hard. Let WOFS do the work for you! We have tailored package solutions to help you with your watch sale and all that you need for a smooth transaction. 


Why should you use WOFS to sell your watch?

When you choose to sell your watch through WOFS we take on the work of pairing your specific watch to all the matching customers in our network. Besides the traditional way of exposure through an ad on the website and our other platforms, where clients can buy your watch directly we will also contact possible buyers with this information separately. Your watch will daily reach thousands of people as soon as it reaches our platforms.

In our sales mission service WOFS are responsible for the following:


  • If you need it, WOFS makes a valuation of the expected price of the watch to set a relevant price. WOFS also has the right to refuse to sell or expose a watch for an unreasonable price. 


  • WOFS will put together a detailed and honest object description of your watch which also describes the facts and history about that specific watch model.


  • WOFS will present the watch to customers who have shown interest in similar objects before.


  • WOFS will present the watch in the next newsletter.


  • WOFS will expose the watch on our platforms i.e., Instagram, Chrono 24, WOFS web shop, etc.


  • WOFS take full responsibility for all the communication with the intending customers and buyer during the deal.


  • WOFS are responsible for the secure handling of all economic transactions.


  • WOFS handle the shipment of the watch from seller to buyer and administrate all possible customs declarations etc. Watches are sent ensured and traceable. WOFS do not take responsibility for negligence of the transport companies or for missing package, but if this happens, we can support you in the contact with the transport company. 


Prices for the service of “WOFS Sales mission”

The best part of letting WOFS sell your vintage watch is that you only pay the percentage shown below when the deal is done, and your watch is sold. It is in other words always worth the chance to let WOFS sell your watch. If the watch is not sold before 3 months or you want to abort the sale with us, WOFS only takes a cost of 65 EUR for the administration of putting the watch-ad together. 

All you have to do is tell us the story about your watch and take some photos of it. If we come to an agreement, we will send you our WOFS Photo template where you can get information on how to take beautiful photos easily.


Prices at sales

Price per sold watch (your price in euros):


Selling Price

Sales Provision

EUR 500 - 1499


EUR 1500 - 4999


EUR 5000 - 9 999


EUR 10 000 - 29 999


EUR 30 000 - 50 000




Would you like to know More?

If you want to know more or want to hire us to sell your watch, send an e-mail to contact@wofswatches.com with “WOFS sales mission” as the Subject line and tell us a bit more about the watch you would like to sell. If we have an agreement, we will send you a WOFS photo template.