About us

The past is the future

One day as a young boy I helped my father cleaning out his garage. We sorted all the old things after my grandpa and grandma - there where old photos from the early 1930’s and 1940’s. There where boxes of beautiful porcelain and old toys from a time long ago. I remember how the old stuff fascinated me, all this stuff from a time long before me and my reality. And so, in one of the big boxes there was a small paper box with my grandpas name on it. I opened it and inside was an old and beautiful Omega from 1953. It was in a pretty bad condition when I found it but I loved it immediately. The first seed to what would become WOFS “Watch Out for Sale”, was with this planted. 


The collecting of watches was started in 2006. At first the pursuit of the perfect watch was the most important  part. But it soon became second after the urge to make others appreciate the craftsmanship, mechanics and the elegance of vintage watches as much as we do. On the 8th of august 2015 the Instagram account @watch_out_for_sale posted its first picture to reach out to a wider audience. It was a picture of a lovely chronograph movement. Today our passion is our company. We travel to exhibitions and meet like-minded - all due to the passion for things from the past, for things made by hand, things that with the right amount of love and tenderness can be repaired and used through generations. 

In our opinion the past is the future. Today we make a stand against the culture of quantities, insted we are searching for the sustainable - both for the environment as well as for the wallet. 

Be a part of history, be a part of the new sustainable way of thinking - become an owner of a vintage watch and let us help you on the way!