WOFS Buyers Mission

WOFS Buyers mission

"Buy your dream watch through WOFS - we will help you!"

To be able to use the WOFS Buyers mission you have to be a member of WOFS. 


Send a “wishlist” to WOFS

Some of you have your mind set on a special vintage watch. Perhaps you seek a vintage Omega Pie-Pan in steelcase and an arrow-index instead of the regular index. Maybe you want the watch on a bracelet instead of on a leather band, or do you seek a vintage Rolex datejust 1601 with alpha-hands and the “big crown” clasp on the bracelet. No matter what you want, we  will always try to find your dreamwatch. WOFS has a wide range of network with a lot of vintage watch nerds, watch salesmen and auction houses.

Your “whishlist” is something WOFS continuously work with in search for our members dreamwatches. WOFS can’t take responsibility for the current supply on the vintage watch market. Whenever we find them, you as a member will know about it when reading our WOFS-Shoutout! There you will know at what time and date your dreamwatch will be released as an item on our website. Be the first one to click the “Buy now” link!


Use the service 

If you are interested of the “wishlist” service describe what you seek. In your “wishlist”  email to watchoutforsale@gmail.com the following has to be included: 

  1. Brand

  2. Model

  3. Referens (if you know)

  4. Specifics of the dial

  5. Case Material

  6. Leather Band or bracelet

Your budget for the watch purchese