Service your watch

As almost any living object, your watch also needs LOVE!

You need to take it out for a spin, dance, drink a glass of good wine, let it see the world and as well as take it to the watch spa once in a while. A watch can be compared to a car, if the movement or the motor doesn't get new oils, the mechanics will be damaged and the longer you wait, the worse they'll get. It should not be more than 5-6 years between services if you want to have a watch with a long and happy life. We always recommend our customers buying a vintage watch with an uncertain service history to service it just to be on the safe side.Or at least the future needs. This is always the best financial strategy. 

We totally understand if you want to take the vintage watch to the brands own workshops, usually situated in Switzerland. This seems like a rather obvious measure, but it can do with a small warning. If you care about your vintage watch continuing to be "vintage" and authentic to the original state, it is rarely a good idea to send it to the brand watchmaker. There are numerous stories where watches have had dials, cases, crowns and other parts replaced with new ones and the value of the watch has in one fell swoop drastically dropped! 

WOFS Watches offers service on your vintage watch with the ambition to maintain its authentic looks and economical value as far as possible. Our services are done by our professional watchmakers, and we always leave 6 to 12 months warranty.  

How it is done: 
As a customer you contact us via email and send the watch to us. Our watchmaker inspects the watch, and we will get back to you with details of the service needs and a price estimation. You will in turn consider the price and decide how you want to proceed. If we agree and you want us to go ahead with the service, we will begin the work as soon as possible. We will let you know when the watch is ready to be sent back to you. If you don't want us to service your watch, you only pay for the transport back to your location. 

After a service you will get both receipt as well as a service certificate where you can read the specific details of the service. 

The benefit of letting us service your watch is that we have several watchmakers working for us. They all have different specialities, and we are therefor very wide spread and have a broad knowledge of both vintage watches as well as newer pieces.


- Send us an email to:

- Write what you know about the watch and the current problems as well as their probable origin.

- Take a photo of the watch, front and back and attach to the email. 

- We will send you an email to confirm that we can take your watch. 

- You will send the watch to advised address written in the email. 

- We will let you know the price for the service after the ocular inspection is done. 

 We hope to hear from you!