Terms and Conditions

Refund Policy

When buying a watch from WOFS you have a responsibility to thoroughly read the item description including the photos.

- For watches Sold "as serviced" WOFS always state in the specific information on every watch the last date of the warranty. This warranty covers if the watch is not working properly in function, timekeeping or otherwise. If you have to use the service warranty due to malfunction of the watch WOFS take the watch to our watchmaker for an ocular inspection of the problem. Thereafter WOFS and the owner will agree on the way to move forward. WOFS do not take responsibility for watch misuse by the owner. WOFS reserve the rights to reject a return and refund claim done on incorrect grounds.  In case a watch is not sold within the last day of the warranty the watch will still fall under the 21-day warranty described below.

- For watches Sold "as it is" WOFS give a 21-day warranty if the watch is not working properly in function. If you have to use the 21-day warranty due to malfunction of the watch WOFS take the watch to the watchmaker for an ocular inspection or in some cases the occular inspection can be made through video. Thereafter, depending on the nature and cause of the problems WOFS can either refund the watch in total (including shipment cost) and no more claims can be done to the watch. In some cases WOFS and the new owner are free to make an individual agreement. WOFS have the right to reject a return and refund claim done on incorrect grounds. The warranty runs 21 days from the date that you recieved your new watch. 

- For watches sold "as WOFS Sales mission"  - which are watches owned by a third part where WOFS solely is functioning as an intermediary WOFS can not give any warranty. All eventual warranty noted in the objectdescriptions are given by the owners themselves. WOFS work as a contact channel between seller and buyer, WOFS also test the watch's funcionality before shipment. If you have a watch to sell and want the security of selling through WOFS read more under "WOFS Services" in the main menu. 

Current law of Sweden states that customers have 14 days to repent the buy of an item. The time for withdrawal starts the day after the customer have received the item and 14 days from that. Customers must contact WOFS about the  withdrawal within 14 days. Within 14 days you also have to start the shipment of the item(s) back to WOFS. YOU are responsible for the item until it reaches us and therefore we recommend that you send it ensured and traceable. The customer initiating the withdrawal pays for the shipment back to WOFS including custom fees for the package entering Sweden on the return. 

To intiate a return of an item contact us by sending an e-mail to contact@wofswatches.com, mark the subject as “WOFS Return and Refund”. Describe your claim and problem with the watch as closely as you can and we will respond as fast as possible.

Within 5 days from our agreed return and refund you must have sent the watch back to us. If this is not complied with, the terms and conditions state that WOFS has no further responsibilities against the owner in terms of return and refund. 

For WOFS to consider a refund or renewed service all of the original content (items and paperwork) of the buy must be returned in the shipment back to WOFS.  Waterfunctions are never ensured due to the nature delicacy of vintage watches. 

 Privacy Policy

When approving your payment transaction in the checkout you accept the storing and handling of your personal information according to the WOFS Privacy Policy. We only store the personal information which are necessary for the completion of the transaction and for managing the purpose of our business. According to current GDPR law you have the right to access all of your personal information and make changes in the data in case of inaccuracies. Inaccuracies will be changed to the extent made possible by current law.

WOFS are the party responsible for the handling of your personal information. WOFS have entered an agreement with four third party payment providers:

  • Mondido Payments AB
  • PayPal
  • Wasa Kredit

WOFS extend the personal information to the third party payment provider(s) of your choosing, whom are bound to us after completed checkout. WOFS use Google and One for contact by e-mail, which means that your personal information provided in all contact through the e-mail adress contact@wofswatches.com or the old email adress watchoutforsale@gmail.com will be sent through both channels. When using these channels of contact you agree with WOFS usage of your personal information.

WOFS only use your personal information to handle your current transaction with us. We neither sell nor exposes your personal information to any third party except payment providers bound to this webshop. On the Instagram store connected to the site and account @wofs_watches a standard usage of Facebook Pixel, a third-party cookie that collects and shares customers browsing behavior on our Instagram store. 

WOFS do not keep specific registers of personal information other than within the membership, the exception is as written above concerning customer payments. All personal information is handled within the current law of GDPR. This referring to the use of personal information within the transaction process which in event of refunds also can extend to concerning the return process.

As a member we will keep a members register with all the necessary personal information, which you are asked to provide when entering membership. When ending a membership your personal information will be deleted. 

Terms of Service

As a customer we want you to feel supported throughout the buying process. WOFS always aspire to offer you the easiest checkout as possible.

When buying an item from WOFS you can choose to pay through the following channels: 

  • Visa (provided by Mondido)
  • Mastercard (provided by Mondido)
  • ApplePay (is visual as an alternative in the checkout when using an apple device)
  • In some cases WOFS can bill you through invoice by Paypal or Wasa Kredit

When paying by card your transaction will be processed by Mondido Payments AB. Mondido Payments AB is a secure Swedish payment provider for e-commerce. All of your card information will be sent encrypted by SSL/TLS. The card information will be stored according to the PCI DSS, Level 1.

If more than one customer are interested in buying a watch, the terms state that the buyer first to make payment are the one with the right to the watch. In some cases WOFS watches are sold through differens saleschannels and we always strive to give our customers a transparent buyingprocess to the extent of our ability. Watches that are bought directly without any prior notice are included in this condition. Payment for a watch is what defines a SOLD watch.

No VAT is included in the prices and all international purchases are under Swedish margin taxation. Which means that no VAT can be deducted for export customers outside of EU. 

Ways of contact:

email: contact@wofswatches.com

DM on Instagram @wofs_watches

Whatsapp business 0046760258995

Address the topic of your contact in the Subject. 

WOFS is a part of IC Creations AB 

Organization number 559228-4540

Shipping Policy

After successfully completed checkout and buying your item WOFS will ship your item traceable and ensured. Our standard shipment supplier for domestic transport in Sweden is PostNord or DHL Freight and for international transport we use DHL Express. E-mail us at contact@wofswatches.com for further questions. 

Your package will be shipped within 2-5 days, we always strive to make shipment as fast as possible. WOFS are not responsible for shipping companies transportation time or delays due to force majeure (weather conditions, nature disasters, strikes, terror attacks and other circumstances of suppliers that leades to delays in delivery). Customs in the recieving country is always paid by the buyer. 

 Legal Policy

WOFS work as a business within Sweden and are bound by Swedish law. Any concerns and claims done to WOFS will be addressed through the laws of Sweden.